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Music therapy provides a unique range of music-based experiences tailored to meet the needs of each individual.  These are designed in a purposeful and developmentally appropriate manner to produce positive changes in a client’s behavior and facilitate growth in communication, social/emotional, sensori-motor, and/or cognitive skills. Music therapists work with a wide variety of client populations.

Essentially, a music therapist is using music and music-based strategies to address non-musical goals.  

Board Certified Music Therapy Services

Sessions are offered in-home (yours) and through contracts with local facilities. Both 1:1 and group sessions are available. Individual sessions provide a focused learning environment, and are often 45-60 ¬†minutes in length, once per week. Group sessions allow for shared play, turn-taking, and listening and responding to others. They are also conducive to facilities wishing to provide services to a large number of participants. For in-home, choose one home location to meet and Music Matters will provide group music therapy sessions for up to 5 individuals.  Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length, once per week.
Examples of activities may include learning individualized songs to assist with acquisition of academic information, instrument play to facilitate turn taking or motor movement, or singing to facilitate breath control and articulation. This is certainly not an exhaustive list!

You can learn more about facilities who we currently partner with for music therapy services on the links page

Baby Sing and Sign

This fun program was developed by a Kansas City music therapist and, in a group class setting, combines equal parts music, play, and sign language to help young ones communicate their basic wants and needs before their vocal mechanisms are developed enough to express verbally- thus helping to reduce frustration on part of the child and adult. Kate is a licensed Sing and Sign instructor.  Contact us to start your own in-home group or suggest programming to an establishment within our tri-state!

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